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Give Back to your Cricket Community:

Washington Cricket Academy (WCA) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization committed to bringing direct power and awareness to the sport of cricket in the D.C. Metro area. WCA is creating the necessary platform for young cricketers (age 6-18) to learn and play cricket professionally.

Since WCA’s inception in 2016, we have enrolled, coached, and progressed 200+ kids in the program across the ages 6-16.

WCA’s mentorship to the community has enabled kids to participate in 10+  tournaments across the United States and Internationally. Over 20+ youth players have graduated through the program and promoted sports, youth health, the fight against youth obesity at their respective schools [in the Northern Virginia area]. WCA also helps foster sportsmanship, fair play, teamwork, respect, and the health and welfare of all students not only during the school years but continuing into adulthood.

WCA’s ultimate goal is to rally community support by aiding local players on their course to success on the field. Through our local and national corporate partners, fan-base, and our own fundraising efforts, WCA is committed to continuing to reach hundreds of children each year and contribute financial support to the charitable needs of our Nation’s Capital (Financially support underprivileged kids, Donation to Orphanage, Hospice center, Support for Juvenile Diabetes, Save a Rino, Save Child programs – SAC).

How to Contribute to WCA

Sponsorship Opportunities and Benefits

Gold Sponsorship:

  • Executive-level sponsorship of WCA and its associated leagues/matches/tournaments 
  • Most prominent name and logo placement on player shirts/masks and on all printed materials to events (Leagues and Tournaments hosted by WCA)
  • Winner cup sponsorship for ongoing leagues 
  • Chief Guest for the awards ceremony and any celebratory banquets (optional)
  • Display banner at WCA indoor facility at Sterling, VA
  • Advertising opportunities on the WCA website 

Silver Sponsorship:

  • Prominent name and logo placement on player shirts/masks and on all printed materials to events (Leagues and Tournaments hosted by WCA).
  • Runner’s cup sponsorship for ongoing leagues 
  • Advertising opportunities on the WCA website 
  • Name display on players hats especially for the MVP (most valuable player) hat for the games


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