Old: Training


Tier 1: Beginners

This is for beginners, where children from the age group of 5 to 9 years are trained with basics of the game.

Players start from the fundamentals of the game such as grip and stance in batting, throwing and catching the ball, hand-eye coordination etc. Players then get to bat with throw downs and also do bowling practice till they master the bowling action. Other aspects players learn are importance of exercise, building stamina and confidence.

Since players are very young, we include fun activities to keep them engaged.

Tier 1 teams/players may participate in scheduled indoor matches.


Tier 2: Under 12 Years

This tier consists of level two training techniques, where children from the age group of 9 to 12 years are involved.

In this level, players work to advance their skills. Player will be introduced to hard leather ball and play in a regular 22 yards cricket pitch.

In batting, players will learn skills such as footwork, offense and defense shots, judgement etc. In bowling, they learn about variations, swing and spin etc. Fielding will be another focus area where players learn how to fetch & throw a ball, sliding, diving etc. They will also learn about cricketing rules & regulations. Players also learn about safety and most importantly how to play as a team.

Tier 2 teams/players will get to participate in tournaments.

Tier 3: 13 Years & Above

This tier consists of level three or advance training, where children from the age group of 13 to 18 years are involved.

In this level, building upon their Tier 2 skills, players will be exposed to advanced techniques, enabling them to be ready for the highest level of competitive cricket.

Players begin to focus on their key strengths and start to specialize. They also learn about game strategies and team work. Coaches help simulate match situations to prepare players for competitive games.

Tier 3 teams/players will get to participate in tournaments.

Training Classes

Training Details

  • Age Group:
    Beginners, U10, U12, 13&up
  • Start Date:
  • Schedule:
    Monday – Friday; 4PM – 10PM EST
  • Location:
    WCA Cricket Facility
    21598 Atlantic Blvd. #130,
    Sterling VA
  • COVID Free:
  • Max of 12 kids in a 8000 square foot facility
  • Contact:
    (703) 966-2993 or (571) 333-5432 for more information and details