Terms & conditions

Payments & Cancellations


  • Payments are accepted at the time of booking by cash, DD, Online transfer, Cheque, Debit & Credit card mediums.
  • All payments must be done in one go.
  • Any changes you wish to make to the booking must be communicated in writing to the academy.

  • Cancellations done three weeks before commencement of the camp: 85% of the fees will be refunded.
  • A week before commencement of the camp 75% of the amount will be refunded.
  • For cancellations made less than 24 hours from the commencement of the training refunds will not be valid.
  • Please note processing fee of $10 are not refundable.
Loss or damage

  • The club or ground management will not be responsible for loss or theft of any personal items, property and/ possessions that belong to you or your team.
  • Any items that are dangerous or threat to life are strictly prohibited. For example- knives, lighters or any other hazardous material.
  • In case there is a damage done to property of the club or the ground, you shall be responsible for it.

  • Signing the registration form, means that you have carefully read and understood all the terms and conditions mentioned.
  • You accept that are we are liable to only administer drugs like, antibiotics, inhaler to your child with a verbal and written consent from the parent or guardian given at the beginning of the training program.
  • You agree to that there exists a risk of injury in our cricket training program.